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Atrium Greenhouse

About the Atrium Greenhouse

The Atrium Greenhouse is something greater than your standard Greenhouse. It’s a beautifully crafted space that can not only nurture your growing seedlings, but your love of gardening and the outdoors as well.

To call the Atrium just a greenhouse is a bit of a disservice. Yes, it stays nice and warm during early spring days, and yes, it lets in plenty of natural light thanks to its Twin-Wall Polycarbonate roofing. It can create an ideal growing environment for gardeners looking to get a jump on their typical growing seasons. While it checks all the boxes of what a Greenhouse does, the Atrium is something more.

It’s a destination right in your own backyard. A place to escape from everyday stress and to be fully immersed in your love of gardening and the outdoors. It’s the perfect backdrop to your garden that will draw you and others in to experience everything it has to offer.

In place of vinyl trim, we also offer paintable MiraTec composite trim, which is moisture, rot and termite resistant. And if pressure-treated framing is a problem, Douglas Fir can be substituted as well.

Detached greenhouses are available in either a classic A-Frame or free-standing Lean-To architectural style. An attached greenhouse is available with just about any of our shed styles. You’ll be even more productive and have extra space in your garden shed or potting shed!

The Atrium is built with 7’ high walls that include 30” skirting in your choice of SmartPanel, Vinyl, Board & Batten, Lap Siding or Hardie Plank siding. Included on all four walls are 24” x 27” Vertical Slider Windows, with 24” Transom Windows above them to let in plenty of light and warmth.

Building Specs

  • Roof: Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Panels at a 9/12 roof pitch.

  • Walls: 7’ High Sidewalls. MiraTec exterior

  • Floor: No Floor

  • Doors: 36” wide Space Cedar entry door.

  • Windows: 24” x 27” Vertical Slider with 24” Transom Windows. As many as will fit on all 4 walls. Quantity will vary per size.

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