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Sheds By Style

Garden Sheds

Garden Shed

A -Frame 

colonial garden shed 2.jpg

Colonial Garden Shed

Based off of our A-Frame, the Garden Shed makes more of a statement with its steeper roof pitch and larger 8” overhangs
The A-Frame is our most economical design, with a low pitched roof and small overhangs.
With a steep 10/12 roof pitch, large overhangs, and decorative braces, this little shed has a whole lot of personality.
high barn.jpg


High Barn

Think of the Quaker as an A-Frame with a significantly larger overhang over the front with a higher front wall offsets the roof slightly.

As the name sugguests, the High Barn is reminiscent of it's much larger "gambrel roof" farms found across rural America.


Victorian sheds are visually striking thanks to their unique roofline including a reverse dormer, and a steep roof pitch.
new england.jpg


New England Barn



While most sheds are built to keep the elements out, the Studio’s double row of windows across the front are about bringing the outside in.
Inspired by Colonial Architecture of New England, these structures feature huge loft space, steep roof pitches, and ladder access.
Our maintenance free Greenhouses feature 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels which provide semi-diffused light.
garden quaker.jpg

Custom Structures

Don’t think you’re limited to our standard shed designs. We like to say, "if you can dream it, we can design and build it."

Garden Quaker

Combine the features of the Garden Shed and the offset roof of the Quaker, and you have the Garden Quaker.


An oasis right outside your home. Transform you backyard into the perfect entertaining space with an outdoor bar area, and extra space to stash away all that pool equipment.
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