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How much does a new shed typically cost?

     Since each shed we sell is made to order, it can be hard to provide a quote without discussing your needs first. We recommend calling us, or filling out our Contact Form first. Then, a Design Consultant can provide a free quote after discussing your options.

Are your sheds customizable?

     Absolutely! All of our structures are made to order. We offer some pre-designed styles to start from, but your structure can be totally custom if you wish.

How far do you deliver?

     We service the entire Delmarva peninsula with most areas free delivery on the shore. 

What is the warranty on the structures you make? 

     Our commitment to you is that we will take responsibility for any manufacture related deficiencies for five years. We stand by our products, provided that your structure is placed on a level stone pad.

What kind of foundation should I have for my shed?

     We recommend a crushed-stone pad that is at least 3-4″ deep to provide adequate drainage. 

Do I have to prepare the pad before my shed is delivered?

     You are responsible for either preparing the site or hiring a contractor to prepare the site for you before your structure is delivered. We can recommend trusted local contractors if desired.

Are sheds built on-site or do they come fully delivered?

     We normally deliver and install our buildings fully assembled. In the event there is insufficient access to your site, or the structure is too large to be on the road, we are able to deliver the shed in a kit form, and build it on-site for you. There is an additional charge for this service.

Do I need a permit to place a shed or garage on my property? 

     Most townships and municipalities require a basic permit to install a shed or garage. Proximity to property lines and height restrictions are some things to keep in mind when getting your permit

I need my shed to move around my property or even to another location. Can that be done?

     Yes! We move sheds just about anywhere you need them. Refer to our page called Shed Quote to get more information on shed moving.

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