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Poolhouse Styles



Bel Air



Every day can feel like a relaxing vacation in Hawaii with our Lanai Poolhouse. Hawaiian lanais feature a large open area, which can be used for an outdoor bar or kitchen, or just a spot to get out of the hot midday sun.
You’ll think you’re in Beverly Hills in your Bel Air Poolhouse. The wraparound bar built into this structure makes a great space to entertain guests during the day, and you can move indoors to continue the party at night.
Depending on the orientation of your back yard oasis, you may be best served by the Wellington Poolhouse. Similar in style to the Bel Air, it is designed to have a wider, shallower profile. This is particularly useful in backyards with limited space between a pool and the property line.
Spend your Summer nights by the pool serving up drinks to friends and family from your very own poolside bar. The Tahiti Poolhouse is a compact structure capable of making a BIG impact on your backyard’s aesthetic.
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