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Tahiti Poolhouse

About The Tahiti Poolhouse

It doesn’t get much better than spending a summer evening with friends at your favorite open air bar. Your favorite music’s playing in the background, you have a cold drink in your hand, and everyone is enjoying each other’s company. All’s right with the world, but then you go to close your tab… How much were those drinks!?

What if we told you that it’s possible to capture this moment, minus the sticker shock of course, without leaving the comfort of your own backyard?

Inspired by thatched roof beach bungalows, the Tahiti Poolhouse is a compact, square structure that features a prominent wrap-around bar area with swing-up concession window, and sliding vinyl window. It may not include that thatched grass roof, but it does come standard with a standing seam metal roof that won’t blow away during its first windstorm.

The Tahiti is perfect for families that are looking for a poolside bar to impress their guests. Whip up your favorite margarita recipe inside, while catching up with your buddies sitting outside the concession window.  Pair this poolhouse with decorative string lights and some bamboo torches to create a laid-back, outdoor bar feel that will rival your old hangout spot.

Even if you’re not much into entertaining, the Tahiti Poolhouse is still a great option to store your pool supplies when space is limited. Thanks to its square layout, the Tahiti can fit into nearly any backyard pool area.

It’s not just for residential homes either. The Tahiti Poolhouse can also be a great option for businesses looking for a stylish concession stand that will stand out from their competition. Just be sure you opt for an electrical package to safely run whatever equipment you’ll need.

Whatever your dreams may be, Lapp Structures can create the perfect space for you. Get in touch with a Design Consultant today, start designing the perfect custom poolhouse for your backyard oasis.

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