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Bel Air Poolhouse

What is the Bel Air Poolhouse?

California: for many of us, the state invokes the imagery of beautiful Hollywood mansions, with the laid-back, easy-going lifestyle that comes with it. But not everyone can afford those big houses. That’s where our Bel Air Poolhouse comes in.

This design aims to capture some of the ritzy charm of the outdoor spaces found at many Bel Air mansions. While some of the poolhouse is enclosed, its focal point is a wraparound pool bar that surrounds the front of the structure.

There are significant advantages to the Bel Air design. The pool bar gives you a classy spot to entertain your guests in a laid-back atmosphere outside during the day, and optional recessed lighting allows you to continue the party well into the night. The enclosed portion provides great pool storage or space for a pool changing area. Some customers expand the interior to create living space for a four season building.

Our customers like this design because it feels luxurious and high class. You’ll completely change the look, feel, and utility of your backyard with this model.

You don’t need a big mansion to own a pool house, or a pool either – the Bel Air works just as well as part of your larger outdoor space, and looks great combined with outdoor landscaping or that patio you’ve always dreamed of.

Get in touch with one of our design consultants today so we can create a classy outdoor entertaining space that feels like something right out of Beverly Hills. But don’t limit yourself, we can design any type of poolhouse for you!

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