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About the Victorian Shed

Our version of the Victorian shed is similar to our Garden Shed, with its steep roof pitch and large 8” overhangs. Where it differs is the addition of a reverse gable dormer, typically over a double carriage door. You can place it elsewhere, such as over a set of windows or a porch to make it unique.

This dormer adds a degree of vertical headroom, which is why most choose to put it over the doors so that as you enter the structure it feels as if the shed is bigger than it actually is. Over a porch, the reverse dormer makes it feel less claustrophobic, which some may also find appealing.

The Victorian shed’s regal and stately appearance make it a great option for a home office, workshop, or playhouse for the kids – but it works just as well as a storage shed too, just with a whole lot more flair.

While optional, we highly recommend the addition of a cupola on top of your structure to complete the Victorian “look.” All of our sheds also include a variety of options and upgrades including siding, shingle, window, and shutters.


Have fun with it and truly make your new Victorian shed stand out from the rest! A five-year guarantee against manufacturer defects is also provided.

Building Specs

  • Roof: 2×4 rafters 16 in. “on center” (OC) with 1/2″ exterior-grade TechShield sheeting with lifetime (limited) architectural asphalt shingles. 7/12 Roof Pitch

  • Walls: 2×4 studs 16 in. OC. 6’6” High Walls

  • Floor: 2×4 pressure-treated floor joists 16 in. OC with 5/8″ exterior-grade plywood over 4×4 pressure-treated runners

  • Doors: One Double Door with Sill Protector

  • Windows: Two Vertical slider windows come with screens and window trim or shutters

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