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Colonial Garden Shed

About the Colonial Garden Shed

This style fits in well in areas where Colonial architecture is commonly found, like the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, but the Colonial Garden Shed will complement any modern or traditional home architecture just about anywhere.

We like to think of this model as a fancier alternative to the more simplistic A-Frame, and the much larger overhangs and decorative braces give this shed a little more personality. The steep roof pitch and large overhangs offer other advantages.

If you live in an area where snow accumulation is an issue, you may want to consider a structure with a steeper roof pitch, to discourage snow and debris accumulation. The overhangs also help keep the elements away from the sides of the structure, offering further protection.

The slightly larger size of the Colonial Garden Shed allows for more customizability than a standard A-Frame. You can add vents for air circulation, and a cupola on top to accent your design.

Of course, as with all of our structures, you have a variety of design options to choose from, including siding, shingle, window, and shutters. We’re also big fans of adding optional window boxes too: we think they look great on Colonial Garden Sheds!

Your new shed comes with a five-year warranty against any manufacturer defects, but with proper and regular maintenance your Colonial style Garden Shed will last you decades.

Building Specs

  • Roof: 2×4 rafters 16 in. “on center” (OC) with 1/2″ exterior-grade TechShield sheeting with lifetime (limited) architectural asphalt shingles. 10/12 Roof Pitch

  • Walls: 2×4 studs 16 in. OC. 8’ High Walls

  • Floor: 2×4 pressure-treated floor joists 16 in. OC with 5/8″ exterior-grade plywood over 4×4 pressure-treated runners

  • Doors: Double Carriage House Doors with Sill Protector

  • Windows: Two Sash Windows with Shutters

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