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Combo Greenhouse

About the Combo Greenhouse

Did you know that you can add a greenhouse to nearly any style of shed or garage we offer? A combo greenhouse can give you the same climate controlled space of a greenhouse with the extra space needed to store potting materials, tools, and soil.

While Greenhouses are great for starting your crops early in the year, they’re not the best structure type when it comes to storage space. That’s where Combo Greenhouses can fill the gap. By adding a Lean-to style greenhouse to a Garden Shed, A-Frame, or basically any style of shed, you can have the perfect all-in-one potting shed.

Gardening can require a lot of tools and materials. For a successful growing season you’ll need pots, soil, fertilizer, as well as a myriad of hand tools like shovels, and trowels. Most importantly, you’ll need a space to organize all these tools to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. So instead of stashing all those things in your garage or basement, you can have everything packed neatly away in the same building you start your grow.

In place of vinyl trim, we also offer paintable MiraTec composite trim, which is moisture, rot and termite resistant. And if pressure-treated framing is a problem, Douglas Fir can be substituted as well.


Combo Greenhouses are built to the same quality as all of our other freestanding Greenhouse options, built with the same twin-wall polycarbonate panels. You can customize the Greenhouse dimensions to ensure you have enough space for all your seedlings, and you can customize nearly every facet of the shed portion it’s attached to.

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