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Gambrel Garage

About the Gambrel Garage 

Gambrel Garages feature a unique roofline with three ridges, one on the peak, and one on either side to create a second, steeper pitch along the outer edges. The result is a rounded, sturdy roofline that increases the storage space available in the second floor. 

While often used as extra storage space, the Gambrel Garage’s second floor can be used for so much more. Add an electric package with a mini-split unit, and you have a new man cave. While you’re at it, you could add plumbing to that list, and finish the interior with drywall to create a whole separate apartment! 

You can also skip those extra steps and use your Gambrel Garage for what it was originally built for: all that storage space. Our standard package includes two 9’ x 7’ Overhead Doors that can easily store family vehicles, farming equipment, or anything else you plan to stash away.

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