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Home Office

The Home Office is the Future

Technology makes it easier to stay connected even when we’re far apart. It’s also makes working from home much more viable, and more companies offer the benefit to their employees every year.

The advantages are clear: studies show that companies who offer a work from home option keep employees longer, and these employees are more productive during the workday. Why? Most daily work stressors are eliminated, making happier employees. But the benefits aren’t only to your work life.

Life’s little emergencies are more easily addressed with a home office. Instead of being across town when “disaster strikes,” you’re just steps away. You’ll be able to deal with those distractions faster, minimizing the effects on your work. And if issues pull you away, you can return at any time to finish things up. Hey, life happens.

There’s also a financial benefit: many owners of these backyard offices have found it has increased their property value. These structures can add an additional 200 to 400 usable square feet and can set your property apart in a sea of listings when you’re ready to sell. In some cases, a studio office shed can return up to, and even PAST 100% of the investment price! 

Plus, your home office is now a tax deduction, keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. Who can complain about that?

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